Podcast Episodes

EPISODE SUMMARY We this Episode 191 is a playful piece where Dr. B and Heather joke around about the reflecting component of NVC empathy. In between the joking, they share some insights on why reflecting too much may be counterproductive

EPISODE SUMMARY It’s been a while but, every now and then, Heather and Dr. B like to model empathy so that people have an idea how it actually sounds. In this episode, Dr. B takes some time to give Heather

EPISODE SUMMARY In Episode 190, Dr. B talks with one of her recent students about a quick interaction with a stranger that highlights the power and potential of NVC. EPISODE NOTES Additional Resources: Be sure to leave a rating and

EPISODE SUMMARY It’s been a while since Heather and Dr. B talked only about the NVC model ala The Bigbie Method, so in Episode 189 they do just that. If you are a beginner or have been listening for a

EPISODE SUMMARY Why is The Bigbie Method unique when it comes to its curriculum and process of teaching and scaling NVC? Episode 188 reveals what sets The Bigbie Method apart from other kinds of trainings. EPISODE NOTES Additional Resources: Be

EPISODE SUMMARY Silence can be quite awkward in interactions; whether it be in everyday conversations, when listening to a friend in need or during a conflict. There is a tendency to fill in our silence with words. In Episode 187,

EPISODE SUMMARY In Episode 186 Dr. B and Heather talk about Dr. B’s recent experience with the Presence Process and how hard it is to stay present in all kinds of circumstances. They also discuss how and why all of

EPISODE SUMMARY In Episode 185, Dr. B shares directly to her audience about her own inner dialogue and process of Mournings and Celebrations. While going through her morning routine and using the Mournings and Celebrations process it occurred to Dr.

EPISODE SUMMARY In Episode 184, Dr. B and Heather address a listener’s questions about praise, encouragement, and feedback and how NVC fits with these concepts. Is there a place for praise, encouragement and feedback in NVC and what exactly does

EPISODE SUMMARY In Episode 183, Dr. B interviews a special guest who also is one of her facilitators and who has some very personal and upfront experiences with NVC and Autism. There are many reasons why NVC can be useful

EPISODE SUMMARY What happens when you are in a conflict and one person brings their NVC skills (giraffe) and the other doesn’t (jackal)? Have you ever been in a conflict where you are trying to use NVC and the other

EPISODE SUMMARY Dr. B gets a little personal and vulnerable when she shares about her Pickleball woes in Episode 181. The reason for the share is to explore the conundrum of allowing for emotions (for optimal health, well being and

EPISODE SUMMARY In Episode 180, Dr. B meets with Dr. Jeremiah Murphy, President of Connection First which is a non-profit with the mission of “build peace and repair harm in Tallahassee/Leon County.” Connection First was recently awarded a contract with

EPISODE SUMMARY A listener called in with a question about Marshall’s quote regarding “not hearing what someone is saying.” Better late than never, Dr. B and Heather do their best in taking on this subject. Listen in to Episode 179

EPISODE SUMMARY Episode 178 is all about the elusive “mastery” of NVC. We find it’s not really attainable – but that we can all get closer to it by putting in place several strategies. Dr. B and Heather talk about