Replace Conflict with Connection and Transform your Life

We’ll teach you a new framework of communicating, through Non-Violent Communication, so that you can improve your life and those around you. Our proven process will give you the tools to consistently create connection, even in the toughest of conflicts. The result: increased well-being and a feeling of ease and comfort.

Dr. Cindy Bigbie

The Bigbie Method was developed by “Dr. B,” aka “America’s Communications Coach.” Dr. B is a sought-after NVC (Nonviolent Communications) practitioner, trainer and speaker with years of successful experience working with incarcerated youth. She is also a champion of Restorative Practices, and in 2019 won the Dennis Maloney Award for Youth-Based Community and Restorative Justice Programs.

For 25 years, thanks to her Ph.D. in Instructional Design, she traveled the United States and evaluated hundreds of different educational programs. She saw millions of dollars in grant money being used to support these programs in an attempt to advance our educational systems with little long-term results. And time and time again, she returned to the conclusion that our educational system is not advancing because we are overlooking the social-emotional component that is at the base of all. As a result, she has dedicated her career to bringing restorative practices and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to all segments of society.

And now she’s compiled her 25+ years of institutional teaching experience into an award-winning approach that you can have access to anywhere. Additionally, Dr. B’s recently published book is an Amazon Bestseller. Check out My Link to Mildred – Interrupting the Epidemic of Trauma via Nonviolent Communication.

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