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Do you want to go deeper into your empathy training?

Don’t presume you have mastered NVC concepts because they sound familiar or you have interacted with them in the past.

Becoming fluent with NVC concepts requires consistent practice and real-world application.

Investing in structured practice with any new thought or language pattern is the only way new behaviors will occur, especially when conflict is involved.

The Empathy Gym (EG) is a place where individuals come to build their ability and capacity to effectively use NVC concepts by doing reps, just like in a real gym.

You need reps to train your brain to instinctively communicate (with yourself and others) in everyday situations.

We often believe that when we intellectually understand a concept, we have mastered it and can use it whenever we need. But the reality is that when faced with a challenging situation or difficult conflict, we completely forget these principles, no matter how thorough our comprehension.

It is only through consistent repetition and application of new concepts that they are able to sink in deeply, beyond the surface level of the intellect. For NVC concepts to become our default communication style, we must be consistent and intentional in our practice.

Access to the Empathy Gym is only available to people who have completed the Intro Course.

Learn more about how the Intro Course will help you communicate more effectively and authentically with NVC principles.

If you have already completed the Intro Course and want to join the Empathy Gym, sign up below to get started.

Level-up Your Skills w/ Advanced Topics
Systematically level up your skills through deliberate, action-based practice so that you can be ready to teach or act in live settings.
Learn To Receive Empathy
Feel lighter after learning to trust, open up and be vulnerable with others about our struggles and insecurities.
Learn To Give Empathy
All your loved ones will thank you and you’ll thank yourself as you experience more connection with others than ever before.
Get Support From A New Tribe
Join a group of like-minded people who are bringing more connection and safety into the world and encourage your growth.


Who's The Empathy Gym For?

First and foremost it’s for anyone that’s completed our Intro Training who wants to level up their empathy, connection, and communication skills. You’ll continue to learn but go deeper into topics, go deeper into NVC and continuously practice giving and receiving empathy and expression.

It’s also great for:

1. Advocacy Workers and RJ Practitioners looking to bring Nonviolent Communication into your community and help folks hear one another and connect.

2. School Administrators and Business Executives looking to decrease days lost related to instruction and production and who want to super charge your team and have a more connected, lighter workplace culture.

3. Aspiring Teachers, Trainers, and Coaches who are looking for a career with a greater sense of fulfillment and impact and want to make a career out of teaching the Bigbie Method.

We currently offer two sessions weekly: Monday 2:00 EST and Thursday 5:45 pm EST. When you join, you have access to both options each week.
When you sign up for your membership we have classes conducted at different times through out the week that you can choose from. You will have access to the sessions once you sign up.
Yes, of course you can cancel anytime.
Now that you have been through the Intro course you can expect it to be similar to the live sessions you did throughout the course, but with more practice. We’ll start with a connected check-in and then we’ll move into celebrations and mournings. If there is a learning piece to the session, whether its a live example, review or theory, we will go over that and then we will break into dyads to give and receive empathy with a certain focus for that session. Then we’ll come back together, review, and, finally, work on a “live” situation with at least one participant.

We’ve structured the sessions with deliberate practice in mind so that your needs for growth, learning, and connection can all be fulfilled.
We’d love to hear it. Email us at drb@thebigbiemethod.com

How You Can Join The Empathy Gym Sessions

1. Complete our 8-week Intro Training

Once you complete our Intro Training you’ll have access to an Empathy Gym membership

2. Sign up below to join the Empathy Gym

It’s as easy as that.

3. Show up ready to learn, practice, and connect

Once you sign up you’ll have access all of our weekly sessions and you can choose which one(s) you’d like to attend.

Supercharge Your Journey In Connection

Join our Empathy Gym. Join our tribe. Change your life.

*Please note the Empathy Gym is only for individuals that have completed our 8-Week Intro Course.


$ 50 Billed Monthly
  • Access to unlimited Empathy Gym Sessions


$ 480 Billed Yearly
  • Access to unlimited Empathy Gym Sessions