Build deeper, more authentic relationships.

We teach you to create connection through your communication, even in times of conflict.




The Lost Art of Relationship Building

Modern society is more connected than any generation in history, yet many people struggle to build meaningful relationships.

The Bigbie Method was created to solve this problem by providing a simple, yet powerful communication framework based on Nonviolent Communication principles.

Our training will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with empathy-based communication. We have relationship training for individuals, couples, and parents.

I am nonstop talking about how you have changed my life and how [this training] has met so many of my needs.
Melissa Green
HOPE Court of Broward County, Restorative Justice Project Director
Create a better culture of learning by equipping teachers, students, and administrators with effective communication strategies that lead to productive relationships.

The Bigbie Method is the most helpful behavior management support I’ve received as a teacher. It brings about real change, breaking down walls and building connection.

Randall Austin
Teacher, Success Academy

Build a positive team culture that leads to higher productivity and job satisfaction by leveraging The Bigbie Method communication framework at your organization.


Dr. Cindy Bigbie

The Bigbie Method was developed by “Dr. B,” aka “America’s Communications Coach.” Dr. B is a sought-after NVC (Nonviolent Communications) practitioner, trainer and speaker with years of successful experience working with incarcerated youth. She is also a champion of Restorative Practices, and in 2019 won the Dennis Maloney Award for Youth-Based Community and Restorative Justice Programs.

For 25 years, thanks to her Ph.D. in Instructional Design, she traveled the United States and evaluated hundreds of different educational programs. She saw millions of dollars in grant money being used to support these programs in an attempt to advance our educational systems with little long-term results. And time and time again, she returned to the conclusion that our educational system is not advancing because we are overlooking the social-emotional component that is at the base of all. As a result, she has dedicated her career to bringing restorative practices and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to all segments of society.

And now she’s compiled her 25+ years of institutional teaching experience into an award-winning approach that you can have access to anywhere. Additionally, Dr. B’s recently published book is an Amazon Bestseller. Check out My Link to Mildred – Interrupting the Epidemic of Trauma via Nonviolent Communication.

Our Process

Our award-winning method will guide you to competency in 2 steps. 

Intro Training

In this 8-week training you will lay the foundation of creating consistent connection in your life, even in times of conflict. Each week in our Intro Training you will have self-paced materials to go through and then in week’s 7 and 8 you will also have a live zoom group session to practice what you’ve learned through out the week.

The Empathy Gym

Once you have graduated from our 8-week Intro Training you will be invited to the Empathy Gym. Here, you’ll learn how to confidently apply The Bigbie Method concepts in simulated real-world scenarios during weekly, instructor led group training sessions.

Learn how to interrupt the epidemic of trauma with our best-selling book:


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