Learn How To Use NVC In Everyday Life




Struggling to use NVC in your life?

Knowing if you are doing it “correctly”?
Having situations to practice it in?
Remembering to use it situations?
Sounding “natural” when using NVC?
Identifying judgment in your words?
Creating connection with responses?
Having accountability to stick with it?
Identifying your feelings and needs?

Learn more about our award-winning process.

I am nonstop talking about how you have changed my life and how [this training] has met so many of my needs.
Melissa Green
HOPE Court of Broward County, Restorative Justice Project Director

Learn a powerful NVC framework for consistently creating more connection in your life.

This is a comprehensive 8-week program where you’ll learn NVC and how to consistently create connection through your communication, even in times of conflict. Experience greater levels of joy, ease and peace. And you’ll do it through..
50+ Video Lessons
Learn the the various components of NVC through our 50+ video lessons. You’ll lay the groundwork of new concepts and dive deeper in as we layer the learning with a new set of videos each week.
Situational Templates
Have confidence instead of confusion with our cheatsheets and templates that help you remember how to navigate common situations.
BONUS: 2 Live Zoom Sessions In Our Empathy Gym
Get bonus access to our Empathy Gym for 2 weeks. Practice everything you’ve been learning, ask questions, and connect with others in 2 Weekly Empathy Gym Practice Group Sessions.
The training offers transformative information and guidance that has allowed me to work at applying NVC in my life right away. It is pretty amazing how this training appears to have [made] NVC accessible and applicable to the present-day to create positive change and practices in a relatively short time span and commitment.
Berg Miller
Professor of Social Work

Achieve Authentic Connections

Gain the confidence to handle conflicts, deepen family relationships, and experience the fulfillment of authentic connections.

After completing this program, you will be better equipped to navigate difficult conversations, listen and speak without judgment, and turn conflicts into connections. Graduates of the 8-week intro course have called The Bigbie Method “a game-changer,” “the best NVC training I’ve ever taken,” and “a toolbox for life’s conversations.”

Don’t wait another day to embark on a life-changing journey with The Bigbie Method.

Dr. Cindy Bigbie

The Bigbie Method was developed by “Dr. B,” aka “America’s Communications Coach.” Dr. B is a sought-after NVC (Nonviolent Communications) practitioner, trainer and speaker with years of successful experience working with incarcerated youth. She is also a champion of Restorative Practices, and in 2019 won the Dennis Maloney Award for Youth-Based Community and Restorative Justice Programs.

For 25 years, thanks to her Ph.D. in Instructional Design, she traveled the United States and evaluated hundreds of different educational programs. She saw millions of dollars in grant money being used to support these programs in an attempt to advance our educational systems with little long-term results. And time and time again, she returned to the conclusion that our educational system is not advancing because we are overlooking the social-emotional component that is at the base of all. As a result, she has dedicated her career to bringing restorative practices and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to all segments of society.

And now she’s compiled her 25+ years of institutional teaching experience into an award-winning approach that you can have access to anywhere. Additionally, Dr. B’s recently published book is an Amazon Bestseller. Check out My Link to Mildred – Interrupting the Epidemic of Trauma via Nonviolent Communication.

Plus you'll also receive access to...

We understand when you’re learning on your own, reading books or taking self-paced courses, it can be difficult. We know what it takes for you to be successful in learning NVC and establishing it as a consistent practice.
Practice Group Sessions
You’ll get invited to Empathy Gym practice sessions to help get you experience practicing and using NVC.
Advanced Beginners

In your 2 bonus sessions you’ll meet and practice with advanced beginners, to help accelerate your growth.

Multiple scenarios broken down into simple steps to help you remember and set you up for success.
Expert Feedback
Receive expert feedback on your weekly assignments to know where you are at in the learning process.

How It Works

Enroll in the course
Watch the weekly videos and complete the lessons
Transform your life one week at a time by practicing what you learn
Get access to 2 Bonus Zoom Practice Group Sessions once you complete the first 6 weeks

Our "Integrity Guarantee"

If you complete all the videos and lessons, go to the 2 practice group sessions and don’t think you have the tools to transform your life and your connections, we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Feedback From People Just Like You

“It was great! It’s become an effective way for us to communicate with each other during times of heated pressure/stress.”
“I have used it with family members and even though this is brand new to me, and I’m not very good at it, it works very well in calming down tense situations!”
“It has gotten me to understand some things a lot better than how I understood and took actions before. It has made a difference in how I do things or say things.”
“I think this is powerful material that everyone should have some exposure to.”
“I now have tools to de-escalate conflict with clients when something is said that is triggering. A client was upset and yelled at me[…]. I paused and did emergency empathy.”
“I believe when I use these skills I get better results than if I use my typical behaviors. It has helped me better express myself. The intro course gave me better communication skills. It taught me how to express myself in a way that gets better results.”
“I am celebrating the ability to hear and be heard. The program is great”
“Excellent, life-changing, and possibly world-changing (at least in my microcosm).”
Absolutely amazing training. Invaluable material presented by my empathic teacher. I would highly recommend it to EVERYONE. A true game-changer. Loved every minute (you really can’t say that about most trainings!) A++++!
“I have found that I am using these skills in both my personal and professional relationships. I have found that I can be more productive when I need something from clients”
“I learned to listen to what the person has to say and show compassion about their situation.”
“I absolutely loved it. This course is truly life-changing. I mean in 8 weeks if we can start a transition in someone’s life who has been struggling for over 20 years… I think it just says it all for this course.”
“It gives me tools so I can connect rather than lash out when I am triggered and having difficult situations. I now have tools to identify my needs and make action requests from management to meet those needs.”
“The benefit was becoming closer to others without staying in conflict and hearing everyone’s needs/points of view.”
“I found so much joy throughout this course. It was also relatively easy to apply into my life, and has made me feel more comfortable communicating with others.”
“This was an excellent course. I highly recommend it and want to take it again.”

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